Rajaram Rajendran
Rajaram Rajendran

Do Multiple Things. Be Your Best.

If you are unclear, maybe even confused souls who have the interestfeet plonked onto many things at once then this is for you. But in case you’re a clear-headed and know what exactly you should be doing, you’re lucky, you’re awesome, and you can totally skip this article.

It’s okay not to specialise But the thing to understand here is that it takes years for you to be good at anything. Yes, years. After a year you might feel that you’re really good, but more often than not that’s just newbie arrogance, which will of course, pass as you learn more.

Now for some good news It’s not a linear scale. If you want to be good as a digital artist, an app designer, and a film editor, it doesn’t take three times the number of learning years.

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