Goddess Durga
Goddess Durga

A Playful Rendition

Meditation, Motivation and Manifestation are the 3Ms that Lovely Kukreja, relies on while illustrating. Taking us on step-by-step approach through his painting ‘Goddess Durga’, he explains the basic guidelines that play a pivotal role in the final outcome.

When in a creative field, it is very important to not be bound by structure; to instead let the thoughts be fluid and free. However, professional commitments demand a sense of organisation for designers to be able to produce new designs within a time period. Every designer adopts a unique approach to their craft which gives them the freedom to think openly and helps them develop their style with great productivity.

Here, Lovely Kukreja gives an insight to his creative process with the help of the 3Ms – Meditation, Motivation and Manifestation. He takes us on a detailed step-by- step process of refining a rough sketch to a complete composition by adding depth in the narrative with intricate detailing from background elements.

Meditation | Nowhere related to the spiritual practice, meditation, here is the thought process/ creative thinking before starting any project.
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