Exploring the Fusion of Calligraphy and Geometry

Exploring the Fusion of Calligraphy and Geometry

Sandeep Menon, the artist behind the captivating illustrations, says, "My goal was to combine the beautiful poses of Bharatanatyam, Arabic calligraphy lines and geometric shapes." He goes on to explain, "The calligraphy lines lend to the curves and organic nature in my art. I have always been a fan of the art movement Suprematism, which inspired me to incorporate geometry into my work."

Menon also shares his inspiration for the jewel-toned colour palette used in his illustrations. The colour choices are inspired by his mother's collection of sarees. The beautiful patterns and colours bring out the energy, grace and beauty of Bharatanatyam.

MudrasA captivating piece highlighting intricate mudras, showcasing the artist's love for multiple hands poses in art.
Bold Braids
Bold BraidsThe artist's favourite motif, flying braids, add a sense of dynamic motion and energy to the work.

Menon’s creative process starts with his ideas as ‘rough thumbnails’. Then he scans them to paint them digitally in Photoshop." This blending of traditional and digital mediums allows him to bring his vision to life and create art that is truly unique.

The Polka
The PolkaAbstract meets recognisable, blending geometric shapes and a beloved pose, accented by the artist's playful use of polka dots.
The Two Dancers
The Two DancersSymmetry takes centre stage in this painting, which combines the beauty of two dancers to display balance and harmony.
Organic Geometry
Organic GeometryA striking painting of a favourite Bharatanatyam pose using simple calligraphic lines to capture the grace and energy of the dance form.
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