5 Inspiring Colours Trends for 2022

5 Inspiring Colours Trends for 2022

Designers are experimenting with a new set of colour trends as we move deeper into this new decade while continuing to navigate a planet that has learned to cope with a global pandemic. We all need a visual treat for all that we have gone through in the last two years, right?

It is the time for a breath of fresh air. Colours that make us feel centred are expected to dominate across design landscapes in 2022, according to industry experts.

Interiors will be floored with some soothing blues, delicate greens, and grounded earth tones, which point us toward an optimistic world. We have seen the unveiling of Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2022 and it is very exciting. A completely new colour produced specifically for the Color of the Year for the first time ever.

The colour trends of 2022 are on the lookout for some simplicity. Instead of the bright hues that dominated 2020’s designs, we’re going for muted, toned-down colours that feel softer and closer to home.

One may not mistake these colour trends for being boring or washed-out— most of them are modern and innovative reinterpretations of previous colour trends. They have a new face for the new year now. Read this article to check out the next colour trends for the new year 2022.

1. Neutrals

Neutrals like beige, ivory, taupe, black, grey, and shades of white appear colourless, yet they often have undertones in various applications. One can never go wrong with a neutral colour palette, but it is most difficult to make the right choice of neutrals that would go well together.

Choosing a neutral colour palette might help you in a variety of ways. They can serve as a colour canvas, allowing you to experiment more freely with brighter, more vibrant additions. Alternatively, using brighter neutrals gives a more open, clean, and airy feel. Muted or darker neutrals can give a cosy feeling while yet maintaining a streamlined appearance.

2. Pastels

Pastels are attractive. They’re gentle and sweet, and they’re the ideal palette for spring. Pastel gradients bring out colour, depth, and texture to simple designs. Pastels lend a dreamy background to everything. Designers are using pastels in unusual and imaginative ways to create various kinds of vibes. It’s a great way to recreate classic hues while also pushing the envelope by reimagining something we all thought we knew.

Solid pastels give a light dimension, while gradients give it a good quirk. Experimenting with saturation lead to creating bolder pastels, or mixing neons and intricate patterns with them that suit the Gen Z vibe. The outcome is a pastel with a lively sense thanks to the more bright colours and patterns. Being soft and subtle, it is unusual, but not out of the ordinary.

3. Earthy Tones

Earthy neutral colours, which range from rich browns, creamy beiges, and terracotta reds to greens, ochres, and greys, have been popular in recent days. This is in stark contrast to the neon's and bright hues that dominated previous years’ designs. With trying times, we choose things that are closer to comfort.

Earthy neutrals and nature-inspired greens will be the colours of the year in 2022. Green tones are becoming more popular, ranging from sage to darker hues. Rustic shades give a soothing and refreshing back-to-nature sense. The rising interest in sustainability and environmentalism around the world, as well as a desire to get back to basics, have fueled the usage of natural colours in numerous design disciplines.

4. Airy, Sunny Shades

Airy tones are light tones that are, well, airy. Airy blues, like butter yellow and cotton candy pink, are some colours that are trending right now and being used in unexpected ways that defy preconceived notions about how these colours function and what they imply. Soft, yet bright tones like yellow on green give us a sense of optimism and positivity. With the upcoming new year, these summery tones are also expected to have a great appeal ranging from bright, soft tones to airy, muted tones.

5. Vintage Floral tones

Floral colours in toned-down, desaturated colour palettes, commonly employed in floral patterns, are one of the colour trends expected to take centre stage in 2022. Designers create flower designs that feel rustic, old-school, and comfortable worn in by using these colour palettes. Designers give these floral arrangements a retro vibe by desaturating and toning down the colours and showing retro in the sense that time has passed and the blossoms have dried out. The message is clear: these blossoms are delicate and exquisite, so treat them as such.

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6. Deep Royal Tones

Deep royal tones involve colours like violet, aubergine, dark blues, and solid olive greens. The plain colours can be used for colour blocking, as well as to place ornamental pieces against. These colours give a very royal and bold look, a feeling that 2022 is ready to embrace.

What you can take away

Take inspiration from the top colour trends of 2022 if you’re working on a new design for 2022. Colourful abstracts and jewel tones with neutrals, hyper-saturated colour combinations and retro colour schemes, light and airy hues and adventurous pastels.

There are many ways to incorporate these colour trends into your designs, from cutting edge to traditional, or anywhere in between, whether you are searching for a design that will remain forever or want to renew your brand.

Are you ready to witness the hues that will be all over the place in 2022 and beyond?

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