A traditional sweet makeover!

Traditional Sweet Makeover

‘A book shouldn’t be judged by its cover’, but that phrase does not always apply to the world of packaging. Graphic Designer, Abhishek Agarwal, explains how he turned a simple box of just sweets into one of the authentic sweets bearing the essence of India.

Traditional Sweet Makeover
Traditional Sweet Makeover

The Brief.

Sweets are not simply a delicacy, in India; they’re intrinsically linked to auspicious occasions and traditional festivals, which abundantly exist in the Indian culture. It was thus no surprise that Bangalore-based sweet shop, Kartik Mithai, desired a design makeover bearing a traditional resemblance; one that was characteristically ‘Indian’ and strongly asserted the same.

Traditional Sweet Makeover
Traditional Sweet Makeover

The Concept.

To effectively match such a need, merely design knowledge proved inadequate; it was fundamental to, at the same time, delve into Indian culture and its elements, and use clues that would effortlessly associate with traditions. This in turn, readily translated to rich colours, floral patterns, Indian symbolism and such other attributes that an Indian audience could easily relate to.

Traditional Sweet Makeover

The Outcome.

Seven themes that screamed ‘India’ were created, depicting peacocks, symmetrical forms and traditional moulds unique to the country’s history and culture, subtle yet appealing shades and the likes. On the whole, the intention was that the boxes, with their appearance, openly proclaim the sweetmeats inside as ‘Indian’ before they could even be opened.

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