The New Rolling Stone Logo ditches the Minimalism Trends

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This US publication Rolling Stone has been a renowned name since the launch of its first issue.

Rolling Stone New Logo
The Rolling Stone Logos from (top to bottom 1981-2019, 2019-2022 and new logo (Image credit: Rolling Stone/ XYZ)

Minimalistic logos have become a trend for brands lately as they, apparently, give a neater and sleeker look. But Rolling Stone thought out of the box and went in a different direction. They have revealed a brand new logo accompanying a refreshed website and the design’s notable for bringing back the shading that was previously jettisoned back in 2019.

Image credit: Rolling Stone/ XYZ

XYZ came up with quite a few logos, with a flattened single-colour version, a simplified small-size version that had bigger letter spacing and a simplified shadow but at first glance looks like the full-size logo.

Image credit: Rolling Stone/ XYZ

The brand chose a perilous option but it has definitely refreshed the audience and the new logo’s resemblance to its old versions makes it instantly recognizable.

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