The Latest Black Panther Poster is Simplistic yet Powerful!

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This enigmatic design will give you goosebumps.

After the loss of the legendary Chadwick Boseman there was uncertainty about the future of the Black Panther movies. However, this new poster has definitely had fans gear up for the sequel with excitement. The first movie released back in 2018 took the world by storm with its cinematography and a brilliant soundtrack featuring artists like Kendrick Lamar and SZA.

The new poster features the famous Black Panther mask on a black background, making it look particularly haunting but it is absolutely impossible to make out who is behind the mask. The realism of the design makes you feel as if the mask is staring right at you.

The trailer for the new movie has racked up 40M+ views on Twitter and 26M+ on YouTube. Although there may be quite some time for the movie to hit the cinemas till November, the audience has enough time to come up with theories for the new Black Panther.

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