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The VFX Company, Adaar, in association with Cheil India and Rocketscience Lab, creates a fun and engaging video that portrays the USPs of the Samsung Galaxy tab in an amusing way.


Brief / Challenge:

Samsung required an engaging promotional video for their new Galaxy Tab. The video would need to talk about the various features of the product in an interesting and fun way to capture the young audience.


Adaar VFX, an award winning company worked with Cheil India, a renowned ad agency, and Rocketsciencelab, a film company, to create this fun promotional video for Samsung. The visual elements used are perfectly in sync as they jump up and dance to the beat of the music. The smooth movement and transition between the frames demonstrate the utter ease of the Galaxy Tab device. And through this synchronized movement the video talks about the various awesome features of the tablet.


It is laudable how in this video the device is not merely seen as another gadget, but as a lively extension of the user. The 3D objects in the backdrop create the setup of a miniature city, where the tablet is a larger than life entity that fits in to every scenario. The bright color palette of yellow, blue and green ties the video together in a playful vibe. Overall, the video is fun, zesty, with a catchy tune, that is hard to not watch it on repeat.


Client: Samsung

Agency: Cheil India


Agency Creative:

Tarvinderjit Singh

Dalip Singh

Rishi Pande

Vaibhava Bhatnagar

Gurmeet Singh


Agency Account

Abhishek Sen

Ankur Gupta

Abhishek Advani

Sheifaly Saksena

Agency Planning:

Neha Chopra

Ranjan Saksena


Production House:

Rocketscience Lab



Vidya Sharma

Rajesh Thomas





Music Director:

Suresh Peters

Purple Studios


VFX Creative:

Adaar VFX

Creative Directors:


Vineeth TP


3D Lead Artist:

Sajeev RP


3d Modeling Artist:

Jickson Joseph


3d Character

Rejaneesh SB


Executive Producer &
Render Supervision:

Arun Devarajan


Business Head:

Parvathy Narayan



Rocket Science owned by Rajesh Thomas and Vidya Thomas takes us through the creative process involved in its diverse film-making, and introduces us to the changing trends and their impacts in today’s times.

CG. What determines the kind of projects you’ll take?

RS. We take up projects that carry a challenge or scope to come up with something new. It gets a bit boring to repeat stuff that we have already explored before.

CG. What is the most important thing you’ll try to achieve across the films you make?

RS. An unexpected visual or experience that hooks you to a film is what we try to achieve across the films we do. We try out various renditions of telling a story. We explore various techniques that can bring about a story in an all-new perspective. Be it live action, animation or mixed media, there is always a new way to use it – that is what takes the film to another level and makes it interesting to watch.

CG. For commercial animations, how do you meet or manifest the client’s expectations, or how do you instead convince them of what you’ve created?

RS. It’s got a little easier these days to convince the clients to take up a non-traditional route to achieve something unique as they are going through tough competition, and all of them want to stand out and look different in the crowd. We go about a very detailed treatment presentation that elaborates almost every aspect of the outcome so that the client is in a loop with the end results that may come with it. There are still some surprises in store for the client as stop-motion and mixed media cannot be elaborated to its exact outcome. However, it has mostly been pleasant surprises.

Film Creation - Rocket Science Labs

CG. How do you guys decide the direction of the film, in terms of colours, script, screenplay and other such fundamentals?

RS. We really work hard and put a lot of our energies in how to make the film stand out in the treatment stage. There is this gut feeling that lets us narrow down on the route we would like to take. Once we are happy with a certain route, we elaborate on the execution in detail. The route, in most cases, sets itself to the colour code and mood for the film. Almost nothing is left to chance, as far as pre-production is concerned. Though most of our works are experimental in nature, we go in for very detailed pre-production to anticipate all the challenges that may arise during the shoot and post, and try and solve it beforehand.

Film Creation - Rocket Science Labs
Taste INDIA on a plate” TVC for Kohinoor

CG. What kinds of results and processes feel most satisfying in the overall practice of creating an animation film?

RS. Every stage of animation is a really interesting process. We have the character in mind, which then slowly begins to take shape and come alive. Once everything is put together, and that idea in mind starts playing out in reality, it is a surreal experience.

CG. What are your views about the current animation scenario, and in which direction do you feel it is heading?

RS. We are still loaded with a chunk of overly emotional stories playing-out in safe live-action formats, but there is a change taking place, slowly but surely. Clients and agencies are on a lookout for directors and production houses that can take their story to the next level of execution. Animation and mix media alongside emerging technologies will play a huge role in the upcoming years.

CG. How important you see short-films has become for everyone in the times of Youtube and Facebook? And where do you see the trend taking us?

RS. The current trend on social media is completely content-driven. Though no one comments on the execution, but behind-the-scenes videos have as many, or sometimes more, views than the commercial itself. People want to know where the thought process began, and the technology used to make the film. This means that they are opening up to experimentations, and are enjoying films – that is radical in approach. It is an encouraging trend and great times for filmmakers.

Published in Issue 40

We all have favourite TV shows and we passionately discuss the stories and characters of it. But sometimes, we tend to ignore the channel and its branding. Now with many different channels to choose from, we are experiencing many new branding overhauls to grab the audience’s attention. In this issue, we focused on Motion Graphics design and people behind some awesome channel rebrandings.

If you are interested in moving design or animated content then this issue is a must-read for you!

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