Designers often face the dilemma of accommodating all the functionalities of their clients when designing a home with space constraint. Below showcases how the designers of UA Lab tackled this problem without compromising on the aesthetics or functionality.

Space Design

The Challenge:

With the average size of apartments shrinking in all the major cities, designing a home to accommodate the functionalities and comfort of the residents is a daunting task. When the designers of UA Lab were assigned the task to create a spacious layout to integrate work and living spaces in a 62 sq. mt. apartment, they faced the predicament of injecting style and personality without making it look cramped or cluttered.

Space Design

The Solution:

Relying on an open plan to maximize the internal layout with minimum brick walls, the designers decided to separate the spaces through multi-functional vertical frames transitioning from transparent to porous and solid planes. These frames, made out of Valsadi Sag (reclaimed wood) are open at the top and the bottom (towards the ceiling and the floor) to preserve the continuity of the space as it transcends to different functional areas. Keeping the size of the wooden members and the material constant even with the furniture, the interiors amalgamate harmoniously and maintain uniformity in the space.

Space Design

The designated areas in this home are not confined and serve as multipurpose depending on the occasion or need. This quality creates openness and makes it spacious while being functional as well. A fine example of the same is the living area of the apartment that can be accessed from the work space, acting as the formal meeting area when necessary.

Space Design

The Result:

The careful selection of a single material and size with similar design vocabulary in the entire space adds a tasteful monolithic character. The clear finish of the reclaimed wood (polished with Tel-paani technique) brings sophistication and adds rustic charm as all the joinery details are visible to the eye. By infusing design and functionality into the vertical frames, the entire apartment is naturally lit and well ventilated as the transparent and porous planes allow indirect light; while the solid planes act as storage units. The interior design of this charming apartment showcases how intelligent design solutions can bring warmth and character to space without compromising on the functionalities.

Space Design
Creative Gaga - Issue 51