The perception of design has changed from just serving a purpose to one that encourages you to express. Taxi Fabric is a platform that does exactly that and so much more; a canvas is laid out for young designers to collaborate with taxi drivers of Mumbai and express themselves to showcase the eccentricities of this beloved city.

Giving a facelift to the typical yellow and black taxi

Taxis across Mumbai have the economical brown/black standard upholstery which is being shooed out by unique creations done by hand-picked designers. The important thing however is to look beyond the colour and design to the driver’s delight and the reactions of his customer who sometimes end up leaving a huge tip for an enjoyable ride.

‘Dream Machine’ Designed by Parvati Pillai, Mumbai is the Mecca for dreamers; this unique quality of Mumbai that attracts people from all over the world is the inspiration for this fun design.

The stories

Being stuck in taxi amidst Mumbai traffic can be quite annoying let alone boring; making your ride more enjoyable are the tales on the fabric that range from Indian freedom-fighters to childhood memories on Juhu Chowpatty beach which is sure to grab some space on your social media space. An interesting conversation with the driver is ensured if you hail an electric taxi!

‘City As Objects’ - Designed by Sameer Kulavoor, expressing the common struggle of a new comer in Mumbai; the excruciating and challenging move to this incredible city has been compared to daily objects in a dark yet humorous way.

Matching the interiors and exteriors

We have all seen the funky exteriors of the Mumbai taxi; rear windshield cramped with stickers, LED lights and designer carriers; are now being complimented with equally unique interiors with a local concept. Finally, an initiative that humanises the taxi drivers of Mumbai; creating a bond between the designer and the taxiwala is what will guarantee enthusiasm from both ends!


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Published in Issue 31

This Web and App special issue brings forward some very talented digital and web designers along with experts from top few digital/ UI & UX studios of India. Also, Visakh Viswambharan, founder of AppinessInteractive answered a very common client question, ‘ Why not templates?’ in our Vantage View article.


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