As a hiring manager of Appiness Interactive Pvt. Ltd., Shrenik Jain get many portfolios in a day although the number is overwhelming, not every portfolio skim its way to create an impression. It is important to keep your portfolio edgy in order to snag hiring manager’s attention or even land your dream job.

YOLO – You Only Live Online

You heard that right! Gone are the days where you saved all your work offline in a drive which seldom looked at or zipped it all to send it to your potential employer or client. In the creative world, online presence is a must, you ought to have a portfolio in Behance, Dribbble, or even host it in your own website. An online portfolio speaks a great deal about the designer and skims to make a good first impression.

Showcase Your Best, Avoid The Rest

A cluttered portfolio is a sign of a cluttered mind. It is always better to showcase your best work than to pile up your portfolio with artwork you did back in junior school or include slacky projects from your sophomore year. It is important to keep your portfolio updated with your latest work which you like to brag about and avoid outdated work.

Show Them How It’s Done

Pique your hiring manager’s curiosity by including initial drafts of your work, ideation on concept, design process followed during the course, and final design. This would reflect your thought process and raving design thinking. Explaining the process of design might just fetch you some brownie points.

Being Design Savvy

It is important to fit yourself into evolving design trends. Including the latest software tools in your profile and upskilling yourself time and again will make you competent among your peers in the creative world and potentially increase your chance of getting recognised by the hiring manager.

Focus On Self Branding

Just having an impressive portfolio doesn’t cut it all, it is important to brand yourself. Connecting with fellow designers to share knowledge, ideas, and opportunities help you stay aligned with the current industry trends. Getting recommendations and appreciations in your portfolio can have great professional influence.

Advertise Your Work

In the era of social media, you’d be a fool if you’re not using any platform to advertise your work. Actively posting your work on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will help you in reaching out to a bigger audience and explicitly increasing your design niche. Be sure to connect these accounts in your portfolio to get maximum engagement.

Keep Hustling

Hustle your way to hit new horizons each day. Improving your knowledge and skills with time is very critical. Attending meetups, design workshops and following design blogs and articles is a great way to keep your portfolio up to date with the latest design technology and trends. For all, you know FOMO can be real.

The above-mentioned ways are definitely recommended if you want to create an impressive portfolio or even tweak the current one. Keep it real, show what you know, and you’re good to make any hiring manager go gaga over your portfolio.