Senior art director Vineesh Viswanath explains how music has always influenced him to create the illustrations.

For Vineesh, being in the creative field has been a childhood calling. He has always been obsessed with colours, shapes, lines, strokes and the method of using them together to create illustrations. The different facets of fine arts have fascinated him, and it made sense for him to embark on this journey.

Music plays a huge role in Vineesh’s life, and that is exactly what is depicted in this art series. It inspires him and keeps him going, and this art series is a small way of appreciation towards music. The thought behind this minimal style is to bring focus to the musician, the instrument, the musical language, and the many ways of expression.

In the world of music, it is just about the musician and the expressive vibrations created through the sound, while everything else fades away. Vineesh tries to reflect the same through the simplicity of the art style. The colour palette is carefully selected to tune out the noise, yet show the vibrant emotions that music evokes in us.


Vineesh believes the different softwares used are simply tools that aide in the creative output. For him the objective is to tell a story that touches a chord with the audience. After deciding his story, he tries to find the best way to depict it through various tools.


His career thus far has witnessed numerous changes in trends and styles. Art styles change, and in the process it changes mindsets, lives and emotions, through stories. He feels, lately experimentations have been welcomed in the creative field. If you put your heart into the work, it will always resonate with a certain audience.

The world is constantly evolving, believes Vineesh. He hopes in this age of experimentation artists explore ideas and designs that reflect their own vision, even if it finds a niche audience.


Published in Issue 46

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