Reaching out to the Indian society for freedom on social issues is not everyone’s cup of tea. But some master this art and show us how this can be done by being bold yet sensitive. Browse through Geeta Parulekar’s work to get an idea!

social issues

With creativity running in her blood, Geeta always wanted to create something unique apart from the regular college assignments. This got her illustrating on social issues like rape, LGBT and racism to name a few, believing in the fact that this was the right way to present her thoughts to the public.

While researching on the social issue of the time, LGBT, Geeta came to the realisation that ‘Love has no gender’. Playing cards are something that is seen and used by everyone in our society. The face cards portray two same-gender beings on a single card and this became Geeta’s inspiration for her LGBT project illustrations.

Her style of illustrations is delicate and subtle, aimed at addressing extremely bold topics or social issues without hurting anyone. A fan of the vintage look and the Indian traditional miniature style of art, her artwork has a reflection of the same. To make LGBT more acceptable in the society, Geeta not only restricted herself to creating illustrations for publications but also designed motifs for t-shirts and coasters to support the movement.

The LGBT project illustrates all the three sexual orientations on three types of playing cards i.e. gay, lesbians and heterosexuals. The fourth card reveals the message of the campaign – ‘Love has no gender’

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