True beauty is unaware. It’s raw and it’s free. It cannot explain itself, neither can be explained. It just exists. From this belief takes birth Eureka Alphonso’s project ‘Birds of Paradise’, a symbolic celebration of free-spiritedness, unworldliness and innocence of bird-humans.

Eureka Unaware Beauty
Timid Grace
Eureka Unaware Beauty
The White Queen
Eureka Unaware Beauty

Eureka’s characters are neither humans nor birds, but a species that is a mixture of the two. Each creature happens to have a face that reflects that part of us which is free, beautiful and unaware, all at the same time. Oblivious to their own beauty, protagonist’s expression is a glimpse of its personality, which in turn, is inspired by a bird. Like the Mohawk, inspired by a rooster, demonstrates the latter’s warrior-like qualities. The idea has been to capture the effortless beauty of the bird-creatures and contrast them with their innocently raw expressions. Because human beings are imprisoned in minds, birds are not.

Published in Issue 11

This issue also explored the Jewellery Design & Wedding Photography with some cool techniques to learn from experts in Gyaan section.


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