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To be a success story, one needs to dedicate and devote two hundred percent from your heart and of course, be blissful at heart. Alicia Souza is one such example to know about and be inspired from.

Sometimes, things don’t move as they are planned. Whatever has to happen, happens and there is definitely something good in it. So is the case with Alicia Souza.

The Inception

The reason she started illustrating as a freelancer was because she needed to pay rent. She feels like she didn’t intentionally get into the place that she is in today but rather fell into it with circumstances at hand and the choices she made. Alicia moved to India to illustrate and her style evolved into the style she uses primarily today. Setting up the online store came after massive demands started flowing in for it.

Launching her own studio, Aliciasouzastudio has been her biggest responsibility. Even after time constraints restricting her from visiting the studio often, she makes sure to communicate with her wonderful team working there through instant messages and collates information via spreadsheets. She also has a partner taking care of the studio.

Fate and Fortune

Alicia is one lucky person to have destiny on her side! She didn’t set out to establish her brand with competition in mind, she started it because there was a need and she wanted to fulfill that.


The basic idea of starting out, let her live without any competition pressure and keeps her grounded because she is true to her work and does not look in any other direction than her own path. She believed in herself and her work, and considered it as a case of ‘I’ll take this as far as it will go’ and it’s still going!

A liking for funny characters and a special love for drawing cartoons seems to have just seeped into her work. From drawing many different characters in the past, Alicia now prefers telling stories and incidents via the ones that imitate her life in a way. Whether that character be her husband or her cute little dog go, she converses with those characters in her own style

Promotional Planning

Alicia feels that it is important to market oneself and these days with the choices of avenues available for marketing, it sometimes becomes confusing to decide the one which would do maximum justice to the promotional work.


She chose the platforms of Facebook and Instagram to promote her work as she felt the most comfortable using them and she knew she was going to stick to them. Also, she tried some other ways of promoting her brand and they too proved to be successful for her like Amazon, Happy Wagon, a retail and online store founded by aliciasouzastudio as well. She also has an online store on Etsy.com under the name, ‘Alicia Souza UK’ which is handled by a team based in the UK.

Alicia does not have a success mantra, but she firmly believes in the concept of trial and error. She does not follow trends, instead does what makes her smile and hopes that it will get a smile on other faces as well!


From her experience, Alicia suggests not to over-think, to work hard, be humble and enjoy the process.

Published in Issue 44

Behind every successful studio, artist or designer there are stories of challenges, struggles and their unique solutions to these. With this issue, we interviewed many well-known names from the creative industry and found their different learnings and experiences behind making their own self as a brand. Though they all have a different take on this topic, still they all unanimously emphasise on focusing on their skills and quality delivery of the final outcome. So, if you are looking to establish yourself as a brand in the creative market or already in the process of it, this issue is a must read. Full of insights and inspirations from the best of the talents, this issue is waiting to reach your desks.


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Visual Designer, Khushboo Shree, takes us through her process of doodling intricate patterns and connecting them to generate a larger image; one that depicts and symbolises the strength of their harmonious co-existence.

Always inspired by beauty and aesthetics as a concept, be it nature, people, patterns or poetry, Khushboo feels she’s just providing a hand-drawn pathway for others to experience a similar perception. Therefore, her idea behind the patterns and motifs is based on few simple elements like dots, border strings, tangles and their shared relationships.

There is no set process she follows. She first sketches with pencil, then starts the detailing process. The most crucial part though is ideation, which involves connecting various pieces together for a concept. Sometimes, she looks at a subject and draws; but mostly, it is part of her imagination.

Khushboo uses fine pigment pens to illustrate, and techniques like stippling and repetitive patterns to capture the details of a subject. The designs are a natural progression for her; once she’s drawn a basic framework in her mind, it all comes together during the execution, in a single flow.

Published in Issue 39

As the festivity is all around, every brand or business is trying to impress the Indian audience. But what really works for us Indians? What is an Indian design? And how we can make designs for India? To understand it, we interviewed some Indian creatives who are successfully creating designs for the Indian audience.


This issue of Creative Gaga is a light read for someone looking for inspirations or insights on Indian design and how the Indian audience can be enticed. So go ahead and order your copy or subscribe if you want to keep receiving a regular dose of inspirations!


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