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Art is an abstraction of the waking world, says Android Jones, the digital artist. As he explores his consciousness and finds visuals for his fantasies, he dwells between love and fear to create a body of work that is “One unending love story”. Excerpts from a conversation where he talks about his art, ideas and everything in between.

Android Jones - Consciousness
Boom Shiva
Android Jones - Consciousness

CG: How do you perceive the relationship between art, artist and the world they are in?

Android. Human creativity is one of the most precious resources of our consciousness. As we look back at history, great art has always been the fulcrum point from where we measure the value of our humanity and the crucible of our evolution. Art helps us relate and reflect on the relationship between the invisible world of our consciousness and our dreams and makes it visible for the physical world. It acts as a bridge between the inner and outer realities that can share and evolve collectively.

Electric Love
Android Jones - Consciousness
Tiger Shopify

CG: How much of this connection exists in your art? How has it evolved over the years?

Android. The creative process is an expression of my love of life and a service to my friends, family, and community. Fear of boredom or lost opportunities of using the gift of creativity keeps me active. This friction between love and fear always inspires my art. I am attracted to images that carry a spiritual or emotional significance to create a landscape that the viewer can form their own narrative around.



CG: Where do these images come from? And how do you make them coexist in your artworks?

Android. Instincts guide the selection of images. I am naturally drawn to certain shapes, colours and patterns. It could be an arrangement of clouds, a unique tapestry on the wall, anything. Often, I look for the visual-fractal relationships between objects. For example, the spirals of the milky way or of a hurricane reflect the spiral seed pattern of a sunflower. I can look at the branches of a tree in wintertime and see the ventricles in the human heart. At the core of our neocortex is one of the most advanced shape and pattern recognition technologies. It’s the duty of an artist to take advantage of this gift of recognising the intrinsic relationship between all things. And art is an amazing medium through which one can express this concept.

Juna Akhara Naga
Android Jones - Consciousness
Dharma Dragon

CG: But do your viewers relate to the connection in the same way you do?

Android. My artworks are not the stuff of galleries or museums, but the interior of human imagination. The works I create are only crude snapshots of other realities, digital seeds that take root through the rich soil of the neocortex in order to inspire dreams, visions, ideas and emotional connections through the viewer. Art is really a visual crystallisation of consciousness. So, the more developed ideas you have, the clearer that idea comes out in the artwork.

Post Primal Scream
Android Jones - Consciousness
Moksha Release

CG: Isn’t it also a mastery of technology that complements the idea?

Android. Human evolution is predicated on the advancement of our mastery of tools. All tools are first born in our imagination. They are essentially only a physical extension of our imagination. The advancement of our creative tools marks a furthering of our creative evolution. It gets really exciting when the tools we use expand our ability to imagine greater things and then give birth to further new techniques and new tools.

Android Jones - Consciousness
Save One Planet Poster
Mellow LIB

CG: What role do technology and tools play in your art?

Android. I often dream in the current software that I am using. I don’t dream in brushes or paint anymore. My consciousness has completely embraced my technological counterparts. As we approach a technological singularity, digital hardware and software have the potential of advancing at a rate where it may be impossible for one mind to keep pace. This is going to open up new horizons of potential that no artist has ever anticipated.

Android Jones - Consciousness
Android Jones - Consciousness
Light Field Rendering
Humming Dragon

CG: Where do you see digital or concept art moving?

Android. I believe that our thoughts and our dreams are electrochemical impulses. I see digital art moving into a space that will eventually bypass our meat fleshy extremities, Artists in the future will be able to ‘paint’ visual images, thoughts, dreams, and emotions directly into each other’s consciousness.

Android Jones - Consciousness
Android Jones - Consciousness

Android Jones - Consciousness
Lightening in a Bottle
Android Jones - Consciousness
Deux Machina

CG: Does that imply live art experiences? How is it different from the traditional sit-and-draw ones?

Android. One of the significant differences is when making an image I am encoding my time and my life in a series of strokes and pixels. People ‘experience’ it but it’s a much more isolated series of moments. As an ‘experience designer’ you are not making paintings of people, instead you are making people your paintings. In a studio setting, you have total control over temperature, lighting, sound, silence, atmosphere etc. In live performances, I have to completely surrender control of all of these factors. My solitude is then replaced with thousands of other people. Human transformation is the final creation.

Android Jones - Consciousness
Tiger Durga

CG: With Digital art going through such a dynamic phase right now, what advice will you give to aspiring digital artists?

Android. It is important for all aspiring digital artists to recognize how profound the opportunities are in this moment of time. Never before have artists had access to such a plethora of information and tools. The future of art is not digital painting, but how we develop a creative relationship with the emerging tools around us. The boundaries are begging to crumble around us.

Android Jones - Consciousness
Android Jones - Consciousness
Fertility 2.0

Published in Issue 14

We dedicated this issue to Digital Art where we explored the connection between our dreams and imagination and how the flexibility of technology can be used to document that. In his exclusive article, Android Jones explains the broader perspective of digital art. Featuring Ankur Singh Patar, Archan Nair, Harshvardhan Kadam and Aamina Shazi Arora, every article discusses how each of them has an individual way of working and yet they all look at life beyond the obvious to appreciate it’s beauty.


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We are well within the digital age, and the era of digital art. Right from the expert to the layman, everyone wants a slice of it. Maybe it’s the passion for a new career, or just plain curiosity. Either ways, digital art is everyone’s cup of tea.

1. Take a Look at Dreams Through the Mind of Man


High thought about the future is inseparable from the mind of a man. It’s the dreams that define his character. And hence, holds an important place in shaping up his expectations. Rupinder Singh attempts to interpret this relationship between a man and his expectations in a surrealist manner through his poster, Live your Dream.

Dreams through Mind of Man

Step by step tutorial here


2. Representation of Emotions, Extracted with Care


Every one of us responds to emotions in our own personal ways. But for all of us, it is an explosion. Sometimes it is expressed through an outburst, at other times, it just submerges within. Every time we explode, we lose a little bit of us. Digital Artist Fahd Hussein captures a moment in that explosion to create his piece, ‘Extraho’.


Step by step tutorial here


3. The Poster of Pure Iron Love


Concept Artist, Raj Khatri, takes us through his step-by-step fan art progression of his favourite band, Iron Maiden. Starting with the initial sketches in the pages of his college notebook, he transports the sketching into the elaborate stages of adding drips and streaks; highlighting; playing with tones, and such other details, before finally reaching the envisioned representation.

Step1 Tutorial The Poster of Pure Iron Love - Creative Gaga
Tutorial The Poster of Pure Iron Love

Step by step tutorial here


4. Traditional Influences to Come up with a Novel Visual!


For an artist, the images you grow up with, linger on for long. As you grow, you think of recreating them, basis your understanding and expertise. That’s exactly what designer Sandeep Menon does with a traditional image he has grown up with. He gives it a twist and renders it in a new form. He explains how.


Step by step tutorial here


5. The Techniques For Realistic Illustrations


The more you read, the more you learn and the closer you reach to become a perfectionist. Nithin Rao has shared his knowledge through a tutorial for an illustration (digital art), helping the learners grow at a faster pace.

Nithin Rao - Tutorial

Step by step tutorial here


6. A Steady Approach to Connect With the Subject!


Concept Artist, Sahil Trivedi, shares his process of adding various layers to his work, and balancing the colour palette and light, to produce an effective and impactful design. He feels connecting to work in a steady and gradual process which helps optimise the final outcome.


Step by step tutorial here


7. Magic Sparkle of Colour on the Cover!


Though we are a country full of festivals all around the year, but this special time of year when not only you change your calendar but also the gifts, family dinners, celebrations and new year resolutions all makes it a special time in everyone’s life. Nithin Rao Kumblekar decided to capture this memorable time for the cover of Creative Gaga. Here he explains his thought process and step by step tutorial.

Step by step tutorial here


8. Let’s Create a Warrior From the Fantasy World


A character is incomplete without its costumes, props and environment. Especially if it belongs to the world of fantasy. Therefore, to render a character in totality, one should be very clear of its complete image right from the beginning. Concept artist Milton Das explains creating an artwork of a warrior, complete with its accessories. Here is the step by step process.


Step by step tutorial here


9. Learn Depth of Details to Create Mystical Environment!


Freelance Illustrator and Concept Artist, Ranjeet Singh, tries to depict magnification and perspective through his fantasy digital painting of a huge bull and a tiny wizard amidst a majestic and mystical environment. He emphasises on paying specific attention to the details of lighting, depth, tone and the likes, so as to achieve the conceived visuals.


Step by step tutorial here


For tutorials on Animation, Illustration, Caricature, Character Design, Concept Art, Logo Design click here


Digital art has permeated into every aspect of our lives. Advertising, branding, product designing, visual merchandising, performing arts, and even spatial interiors – we see it everywhere. But artists and designers need to think beyond the normal. Ideas need to be constantly flowing and techniques need to be regularly upgraded. Simply having a vision and the skill is just not enough. Artists need to equip themselves with relevant tools that become an extension of their existing skill set. Even beginners need to keep a look out to learn new ways to learn and up their art. And these creative apps do just that.

There are innumerable apps out there for artists. We’ve scouted around, and zeroed down on these creative apps that every artist or designer should explore.

1. Adobe Capture CC

Capture is an amazing app for all those who love to work with real world images. Through this app a digital artist can take picture and super impose it with art, vectors, patterns and so much. It’s a user friendly interface that has scope for vast design possibilities.

Adobe Capture CC Digital Art - Creative Gaga

Mac: Download | Android: Download

2. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Just like Photoshop Sketch, this app is a lighter version of the illustrator software. It’s an excellent tool for artists who heavily work with vectors. It also connects to you Creative Cloud account, through which files can be sent to the desktop app.

Adobe Illustrator Draw - Digital Art - Creative Gaga

Mac: Download | Android: Download

3. Adobe Photoshop Mix

This is an amazing photo editing and compositing app. It offers the professional features of your desktop Photoshop in the form of a lighter and convenient app. Apart from being used a work app, it also provides the fun element to explore with photo cutting and creating interesting compositions.

Adobe PhotoshopMix - Digital Art - Creative Gaga

Mac: Download | Android: Download

4. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

This app is packed with all the goodness of the full fledged Photoshop software, but in a lighter version, that is great for artists on the go. The convenience of the full range of brushes, effects, filters and more, in an app, makes an essential tool for all artists, both experts and beginners. Photoshop Sketch also has the great feature of capturing drawings in time-lapse videos.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch - Digital Art - Creative Gaga

Mac: Download | Android: Download

5. Art Rage

This is a great app to create digital paintings, with colour mixing. It also offers features to add art to photos. It comes with layers to play with and is a powerful way to push one’s creative boundaries.

Art Rage - Digital Art - Creative Gaga

Mac: Download | Android: Download

6. Asketch Drawing App

This is a simple to use app that provides a charcoal feel to art. The interface is intuitive and works beautifully in the background letting the artist focus on her work. It’s a great app both for beginners and advanced artists.

Asketch Drawing App - Digital Art - Creative Gaga

Mac: Download

7. Auryn Ink

This is a beautiful app to make great water colour art on the virtual canvas. The app provides multiple brushes with the feature to add or reduce the water as one pleases to create vibrant patterns and designs. This app is fun allowing both expert and amateur artists to explore their creativity.

Auryn - Digital Art - Creative Gaga

Mac: Download

8. Autodesk Sketchbook

Sketchbook is a professional creative app that serves as an excellent tool for seasoned artists. The app is intuitive and sleek with over 190 customisation brushes to choose from. It always capitalises on the phone camera, where one can capture a physical sketch and immediately work on it in the app. Sketchbook creating art is seamless and smooth.

Autodesk Sketch book - Digital Art - Creative Gaga

Mac: Download | Android: Download

9. iColorama S

Here is a sophisticated app with an exhaustive range of brushes, textures, effects and photo editing features. One can also import custom made brushes from Photoshop with other options. This app is flexible and professional letting artists get completely immersed in the experience.

IColoramaS - Digital Art - Creative Gaga

Mac: Download

10. Inkflow

Here is a simple to use app to make sketching notes with quick doodles, adding images, text and many more features to create interesting compositions. This is a great tool for design thinking and brainstorming ideas with easy scribbles to refer to later while working through the ideas.

Inkflow - Digital Art - Creative Gaga

Mac: Download

11. Paper by Fifty Three

Here is a beautiful app among other creative apps to put down one’s creative ideas, for brainstorming, diagramming and note-taking. The vibrancy of the app really draws one in without being interrupted by the interface.

Paper By Fifty Three - Digital Art - Creative Gaga

Mac: Download

12. Procreate Pocket

This is advanced app, light enough to work with. It is 3D sensitive and responds to the pressure of the strokes. It’s also equipped with hap tic feedback to give an authentic painting and drawing experience. The app comes with 136 brushes and over 50 settings to work with.

Procreate Pocket - Digital Art - Creative Gaga

Mac: Download

13. Sketch Club App

The USP of this app is the community it brings with it. Through this app artists can connect and share their work with the community for users. It’s great place to discuss art, take feedback and explore what other artists are up to. This is apart from the powerful tools it provides like the high resolution brushes, filters and modes.

Sketch Club App - Digital Art - Creative Gaga

Mac: Download

14. Tayasui Sketches App

Tayasui is a very popular app among creative apps that is user-friendly with an array of possibilities. The media tools offered include felt pen, oil pastel, water colour and acrylic paint brushes. The ultra realistic feeling gives the artist an exceptional experience.

Tayasui Sketches App - Digital Art - Creative Gaga

Mac: Download | Android: Download

15. Vellum

Here is a beautiful app, especially for beginners. It’s a hassle-free drawing app that allows one to make realistic drawings with absolute ease.

Vellumi Phone Together - Digital Art - Creative Gaga

Mac: Download