Saumin Patel

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Saumin Patel

Wanting to pursue illustration and draw every single day of his life, Saumin Patel graduated from Sir J. J. Institute, Mumbai with a B.F.A in applied arts. Making a professional start by working at an online animated greeting card company, drawing comics and now illustrating for some of the reputed names in the Bollywood film industry, Saumin has come a long way. He has also art-directed short animation films.

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We all face it! But everyone has their own unique way to come out of it, in this issue we try to explore these different ideas of handling the ‘Creative Burnout’. The most common of all was travelling, through everyone do it in their own unique style. Like Luke Ritchie from South Africa finds the nature and mountains as the best source of inspiration while Sushant Ajnikar says riding his bike and meeting four-legged loyal friends, dogs, on the way is the best way to learn. This issue is bundled with inspirations and suggests you to travel a lot. So, pack your bags and don’t forget to subscribe your copy before you leave!
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