Questioning our Cultural Fabric Through Art

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Questioning… is integral to great creativity. It’s only when we brood, wonder and question a scenario, we can showcase a different perspective in a unique way. Illustrator, Ranganath Krishnamani, questioned the indigenous identity of the very Indian local culture. Through this he developed a series of illustrations, each depicting the lives of individuals who still hold on to the threads of culture and tradition, in this age of rapid globalization. Here we see the likes of our chaiwala, dhobiwala, darzi and more, people with professions that are ignored by most, and now hold on tight to the hem of our Indian urban fabric.


The art style is truly compelling. The illustrator has made excellent use of a complementary palette that includes brown and deep green. The style by itself has an earthy grounded feel to it. The detail helps make each character come alive, especially in the animation.


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