Past, Present and Future – A Lockdown Series

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Travelling back home just before the lockdown, Rohan Bhatia has captured his journey and scenario at home.

Lockdown Series by Rohan Bhatia
Quarantine Dreaming
Lockdown Series by Rohan Bhatia

In a process to express his emotions via art, Rohan Bhatia is an artist who is staying with his family in Thane, Mumbai. Finding the positivity in the lockdown restrictions, he describes it as “fun” as it enables him to take a few steps back, pause and then reboot towards a better and wiser direction. He believes that there is no point in cribbing about things that are beyond our control, and rather finds inspirations and creativity in them.

The Last Goodbye

Things that Rohan finds the most relaxing are which he has been doing during the lockdown are creating artworks, watching movies and deriving inspiration from it, and finds solace in making paintings.

Lockdown Series by Rohan Bhatia

Having a unique style is something that he does not stand by and likes to be used in his techniques and mediums which help him express his ideas in a better way.

Pandemic Records

Rohan believes that the world will be different post the pandemic as people are now more aware and cautious of their actions, hygiene and nature as well. Running out of words, he feels that looking by into people’s eyes, one cannot determine if they’re happy or sad, as everyone is going through a different emotion, but believes that we’ll come out of it stronger.

Lockdown Series by Rohan Bhatia

Published in Issue 50

The Creatives Under Lockdown
We all started this year anticipating many things, but nobody thought of life coming to a complete halt. The Coronavirus pandemic has forced every human to re-evaluate their attitude towards nature and life. We also have been forced to lock down in our houses. Though we are no more in the lockdown, still many unfortunate ones continue to lose their lives and livelihoods. This isolation has given many of us the time we needed to finish our long pending tasks. Some have turned to art and craft for peace and solace. While most got relaxed and enjoyed their time with family, others used the focussed time to prepare themselves for the life post lockdown. On the other hand, creative freelancers found it helpful for them to focus and produce more as their work setup usually is within their homes. So, to understand how all the creatives have handled the lockdown, we reached many who have been creating and sharing inspirational artworks during this time.


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