Lisa Rath
Lisa Rath

The Scope Of Print Design With Future Brands

  • Print is fragile but it’s a stamp of authenticity. Paper, metal, stone — all print surfaces are destroyable but surprisingly, are the things we put our trust in.

    Print is Trust

  • It lends physical properties to a brand—not just touch, weight and texture, but a real presence in the real world. Print is resource intensive and time consuming. It is expensive to replicate. Its effort and dedication. Printed media is broadcast media.

    Print is Expensive and Social

  • As in biology, in brand building too, ‘costly signalling’ spells dedication, desirability and resourcefulness. All green flags.

    Print is Commitment

  • Print doesn’t just convey information. It interacts with the most basic human interfaces—touch, smell, sight. There is something very ancient about that inspires engagement, trust, commitment.

    Print is Multisensory

  • Print is both—a medium of communication and the message itself. As Mcluhan meant when he said, “The medium is the message.”

    Print is the Message

  • I wonder when I read articles condemning print’s death. When ‘the’ digital giant wanted all of India to sign-up for its “Free Basics” programme, it took to full front page ads in leading dailies, multiple times. When tea, coffee, soap giants want you to buy ONLY their product they fret over the printed results of their packs’, colours, substrate to no end.

  • It’s not an exaggeration to say that the rumours of print’s death is greatly exaggerated.

    Print is alive!

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