The Invasion of AI in Art & Design

As the technology has progressed over the last couple of months and years, AI has become very refined, polished and stronger than before. It’s indeed a surprise to see AI creating such detailed and vivid imagery right from a few words.
The Invasion of AI in Art & Design

I do believe it's the beginning of a new era in terms of how collaboration will happen and how the design process will change, but it is too early to see how the AI tools fit into the whole process. Do they help in brainstorming better? Do they create initial sketches for the projects? Or do they replace the designers altogether?

Too early to say. Certainly, there’s no denying that AI has invaded art and design in terms of taking on the creative style and coming up as a rip-off generator for several illustrators. I do think that apart from being a creative battle of artists vs AI, it’s also a legal battle against tech companies who’re training their AI models on a plethora of artists’ work from the internet. It poses a strong question on the protection of our work against unauthorised usage and copyrights of artists’ work.

It’s also hard to tell exactly which data set the AI model has been trained on. With ChatGPT, the latest talk of the town, it’s now invading writing in general or any form of writing. One can’t verify or find what all data it has been trained on and if any of those creative people consented to get their work used for visual or text generative AI tools.

It’s a bigger battle I believe and I feel this is yet to evolve overall in terms of how AI positions itself in the world of art and design.

Creative Gaga