The Best Remote Collaboration Tools

Anant Ahuja
Anant Ahuja

Irregulars Alliance has been remote since November 2020. At the onset of the pandemic things were very uncertain, everyday we’d ask ourselves if we’d ever be able to go back to the office.

It’s during this time, we made ourselves comfortable with the idea of never having to go back into the office. We actually grew multifolds while being remote and with that came a lot of automation and state of protocols.

One thing that any remote worker needs to remember is tools are just means, it’s your commitment to your craft and sincerity towards your work that’ll take you the distance.

Some of the technical tools we started using to make it easy for everyone to collaborate are:

1. G-Suite

It comes with a huge variety of collaborative tools but some we use on daily are - calendar, documents, slides, sheets and drive. 

Calendars not only help you block time for calls with other people, if used properly to plan your day out, even if it’s small tasks like writing this document (a 30 min time block)

Documents and Slides come in super handy when it comes to working with your clients online. You can edit and present work collaboratively, get feedback, keep track of edits.

Drive: having a company drive is imperative, if there are people working remotely, one must have a backup of their daily working files.

2. Slack

Slack has been a game changer for us as an organisation. It’s like WhatsApp but doesn’t intrude into your personal chat space. Plus the annotation/ marker tool is pretty epic for art directing pieces while you’re on a huddle (the voice+video call feature on Slack). You can integrate third-party apps into it too.

3. Zoom

Zoom is hands down the most optimal tech for video calls and presentations + annotation tool is brilliant.

4. Toggl

If you’re a freelancer and charge by the hour, this tool will help you bill your clients with ease.

5. Notion

This is the best tool to have ever existed to organise your work life.

An article by Anant Ahuja.

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