How Art is Benefiting from today's Innovative Technologies of Print?

If you can’t feel the art, or see it, hear it or even touch it or finally understand the ‘True purpose’ of art- be in any form or type or a note or a calligraphy; then it’s a dishonour to the human intelligence.
Ketaki Chavan
Ketaki Chavan

The Creators of art is all around us. Right from the inception of time - The Big Bang itself to even the super-future envisaging canvases. Art is definitely not bound only to the colours on canvas, but it’s equally pleasant or even more beautiful in music, sculptors & to mother of all – The Mother Nature herself.

If we see more deeply, understanding the art the way it is now has evolved with Human being evolution. There were times when art- in its entirety of it, was the true baton which was passed on to the legacies and was even considered the highest in renaissances.

Can we take a second and force ourselves to think that art has been a main pillar of every culture that exists today & doesn’t exists.

Today’s art has been preserved so well that it’ll be very easy to understand &fathom the depths of it even after centuries. But this was not the case earlier. After all, art is nothing but the information stored in symmetric or even sometimes in a-symmetric but meaningful way.

Today because of available print technology the amount of time saved & moreover the concepts and/or ideas being saved from getting lost due to— simply put – a perfect-tool not-handy to record or document it, are so much in number. Also, because of this Idea-entropy being reduced to almost zero, the time taken to invent a breakthrough technology has reduced a lot.

And that’s why we see advances in every field around the globe fairly quickly, and that is a great deal.

Infrastructure, automobiles, engineering, medicine, R&D, astronomy, physics only to name a very few, with current print technology has embarked on a whole new level of understanding the human life & strive to make this more and more accessible, sensible and sustainable.

With brand’s huge hoardings to mobile printers, from 3D printing to holographic imaging, from atomic size-change printing to electronics printing on a silicon chip, the printing methods & it’s usages has gone wild and how.

From “petroglyphs of Paleolithic age” which are around 40,000 years old to the futuristic ‘’Voyager Golden Record” sent in space to connect with –optimistically- an advanced Beings, the modern print technology has truly left its footprints very sharp on to the Ultra-Modern-Evolution

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