Arushi kulkarni
Arushi kulkarni

Components of Design tell a Brand’s Story!

Different components of visual design (logo mark, colours, typography, layout style, illustration style, icon style) all work together to define a brand’s assets. They have to be used in a consistently fresh way to be integrated in a consumer’s memory structure. In order to narrate the brand story well, it is equally important to define the tone of voice, messaging, DNA and rituals of the organisation. Consider all the above design components as chapters that help progress a brand’s story.

Top brands work very hard to reinforce their brand assets consistently across all mediums of communication, while ensuring a multi-sensorial consumer experience.

Some examples of real-time applications:

1. Sleek and minimal layouts plus product-focussed headlines in a crisp Sans Serif typeface, immediately connect back to Apple.

2. A blue background with cheeky copy, and use of dots - Indigo.

3. The ‘Mailchimp Yellow’.

4. ‘Sprite Green’.

5. The ‘Paytm Karo’ jingle after the completion of payment.

6. The wafting fragrance as you walk past a Kama Ayurveda store.

The choices we make using various components of design, shape how a brand is perceived and remembered. A design language that is seamless and cohesive across every single touch point enriches customer experience, and brings smiles.

After all, brand stories are about eliciting emotion.
The article by Arushi Kulkarni
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