Arnab Ray
Arnab Ray

Believe in Your Purpose

Today, it’s hard to say when the pandemic is over and life as we knew it will resume. Yes, businesses, public transport, and social spaces are resuming normalcy (albeit with some restrictions!) but both the office and the life we knew seem a distant possibility. The times are changing - I optimistically believe we will go back to what we were, but with some change.

My advice to my fellow creatives would be to keep believing in their purpose, be positive and focus on the best work of their lives now, more than ever. A bright spark, an idea may bring the world the positivity it needs. One thing the pandemic has taught me is to not take anything for granted. In the face of uncertainty, it is easy to lose mental ground... But if the love for your craft, your ideas, your passion for whatever you love creating is certain, then there is hope. The pandemic will eventually fade, but your passion will remain. So, taking each day as it comes and doing our best is one good way to look at it.

"The pandemic will eventually fade, but your passion will remain."

As for studios, being empathetic towards their employees and partners, being open to the changing needs of clients and pushing for innovation with a focus on business effectiveness to navigate the new norms would be imperative. Another key is to curate brand experiences for the customer, as normal shifts fresh ideas on compelling brand experiences that bring customer delight despite the constraints and allow brands to stand out and differentiate.

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