A Medium to Express and Experience!

A Medium to Express and Experience!

Today, businesses vie for our attention and we are bombarded with content to consume information like never before. And we all are wired to respond to design. Our minds setup to feel exuberance, nostalgia, optimism, sadness, happiness and more. Shrinivas Ananthanarayanan, a visual artist and founder of 9twenty Creative shares his thoughts on 'design is a catalyst of new paradigms in our ever- evolving future'.

It is therefore no surprise that approaching brand building while utilising design as a prism will result in creating a brand or product that is nuanced and relevant. Good design will always elicit an emotional response that helps define a brand or product and creates a narrative around it.

Design has existed in the past - from civilisations "designing" tools to abodes, sculpture, dance and more. And it is also evident in our present in our present world where we utilize the principles of design to create well thought out typography, in graphics and visuals, in the arts, through sound and music, in functional products, architecture, technology, AI and much more.

Design is both the medium to express and to experience. It is a catalyst for - independent thought and new paradigms in our ever-evolving future

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