This is a Paradigm Sift

When we are back to normal, it will be a new normal. First of all, the new normal will come to existence in a period of like six months to a year. In India and around the world total lift of lockdown will be in multiple stages. The imposed work from home will continue to exist for at least six more months. Yes, we are going through a paradigm shift on things like how we work, travel and engage with others. Work from home, restricted travel between places and countries, extra care in personal hygiene, the unexpected economic scenario will lead to a drastic change in the way we behave in society.
TP Vineeth
TP Vineeth

The world is fighting a war with a pandemic which we haven’t seen in the past century, which may lead to a financial. But as many financial and advertising experts always say that every crisis is a great opportunity. We at Adaar expect new opportunities since coming back to business for everyone is need of the hour. We are getting prepared for such a scenario.

Yes, we are going through a paradigm shift on things like how we work, travel and engage with others.

Video views in electronic media increased many times compared with the pre-lockdown period. Though it will fall back when the lockdown ends, still the average video views in post-lockdown will be far above earlier video views. We see this as a good opportunity for advertisers and animators like Adaar.

Also, online time spend especially on social media increased drastically in the last few months. People tend to follow their passions much more in the lockdown period. Our online spaces were already filled with too much creativity in areas like self-published videos, art, sculpture making, craftworks, gardening, cooking, graphics and designing. But now as everyone got some time for themselves or family and had time to rethink and reboot, we feel that this will help the creative community to cherish into new levels.

In the initial days of lockdown, we at Adaar implemented work from home culture for some projects. There were many bottlenecks like coordinating creative works from different locations which we haven’t tried before. The connectivity issues in many of our staff’s houses restricted us from peer-reviewing of every stage of work by monitoring the rushes. But once we solved these issues, we feel like enlightened. We are now confident to run with staff strength 10 times that of present office capacity.

Before lockdown, we needed multiple journeys and meetings for committing any work. But now such meetings are getting done over video conferencing. That is a big shift in many industries. People now will limit meeting in-person to a minimum and increase online meetings.

In this lockdown period, let us all fight together until we succeed in the fight against COVID-19. Stay safe, stay together by heart and let us break the chain.

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