Vidya Sharma
Vidya SharmaFounder of RocketScience

The Raging Phenomenon

Today, motion graphics is the raging phenomenon. From branding to creating visual identity for channels and advertising, there are innumerable opportunities for designers. Vidya Sharma, Co-director & Founder of Rocketscience Lab shares her views on the current scenario in the market for designers in the field and the scope for the same

The motion graphics industry in India was stagnant for a long time with the usage of unimaginative and clichéd plug-ins. However, the new age illustrators and graphic designers are pushing boundaries with original creations and paving a path of their own through various social media platforms today.

Originality the Key

The basic principle of motion graphics begins with a good sense of design. Consequently, it is the software skill sets that allow the designers to experiment and give motion to their creations. When the illustrators combine these skill sets to push their creations in moving mediums, revolutionary work is created with the output having extra finesse.

In Indian scenario, exceptional work is being witnessed in the channel packaging on televisions. With motion graphics playing a major role in re-branding and creating visual identity, sports channels and movies are taking full advantage of the various design possibilities to create an engaging narrative and communicate with the audience. Most brands have their own applications for direct client interactions and most of them are animated providing more scope for experimentation.

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