Arshad Sayyed
Arshad Sayyed

The Perfect Intern?

Being an intern, living up to your employer’s expectations, and wanting to learn from them is not as easy as it sounds! Arshad Sayyed tells us all about the skill set required to ace the position of an intern and make the most of it.

Technically an intern is someone who works to gain experience.

Arshad feels that internship is the best platform an artist can have because of his exposure to an enormous gateway of colours and designs. There should also be no limit to the creative boundary of an intern. The go-getting attitude of a growing artist is what gets the wheels turning.

During the initial development of Wallcano, Arshad would treat himself as an intern. The technical knowledge and the creative mind must go hand in hand to get a good grip of the designing world.

It is essential to imbibe the culture and imagination of a particular location and to project it on the wall, keeping in mind the dimension and space.

Also, another important aspect of internship is that the person must have the passion to go places. It is said that “One’s destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things”. In this field “A NEW WAY OF SEEING THINGS“ is the mantra to success.

An intern must have the enigma to make the whole world his canvas and twist and turn it to match his creative style. Craziness needs to be his trend setting attitude and he should be quick in jotting down wacky and crazy ideas.

Travelling surely helps in understanding the current situations better, but an intern is required to be aware and have an in-depth knowledge of the new evolving styles and trends.

The internet breathes a new life in design and art with every passing second. The 21 st century, being an era of social networking, the intern has to be tech-savvy and use social media as a means for the promotion of his ideas.

By far, the social media has proven itself to be the best possible platform to attain the much-needed fame, which acts as an added advantage in the life of an emerging artist. Facebook, Instagram etc are the musthave profiles for an upcoming artist to launch himself.

Having worked with fashion-centric brands like Myntra, Voonik, FlipKart and Zivame to name a few, Arshad’s designs are co-related with the fashion industry, showcasing fashion with a wacky and crazy under-tone.

An essential quality that an intern must have is to adapt oneself with the latest fashion trends and have an idea as to how to imbibe it in his latest designs.

As we all know, where there is fashion there is photography, and it plays a very important part in digital designing. Knowing the tips and tricks of photography serve as an icing on the cake for an intern who is embarking on a journey to create his future.

Arshad’s criteria of an intern is that he should be fun loving with a creative mindset, balancing work and play in just the right amount. His style of working should depict his inquisitiveness to play with colours and he necessarily must have the eagerness to learn and work up his own ideas. Slowly, but steadily, he will learn the beautiful mesh of realistic and digital art, showing him the master-pieces he can create.

To sum it all, an intern should be ready to see this universe from the lens of an artist

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