Life Should Never Knock You Down!

“Life should never get you down whether there’s a lockdown or not. Now, maintain safe social distancing, together we can be all-conquering. Let’s stay together by being apart. This one is straight from the heart” says, my friend Mr. Karl Mascarenhas who heads DIVA Pageant Studio in Pune.
Sanket Wagh
Sanket Wagh

Being overwhelmed with the Pandemic wave, Everybody is worried about their survival. And yes, it’s very normal to feel anxious with what, how, and when questions, which are bombarding our minds. But, there is always a brighter side which many of us don’t see. I believe that every negative phase brings us new opportunities.

Time is costly, let’s not waste the precious by watching Netflix or other TV Shows which don’t enhance our future. Instead, plan to positively impact our income. Imagine (for a moment) there is no end to the lockdown and you have to sit at home for your lifetime! Scary, isn’t it?

This is relationship-building time, not sales time. Being a director & business head of an advertising firm, I dream of grabbing more business every day, but now, most of our clients are shut. We do not have any scope for sales-oriented campaigns and activities on digital platforms.


'Now' is the prime time to build personal relationships with your clients. “Hello, I hope You are your family is healthy and taking good care in this lockdown” is a good conversation starter. I developed a rapport with my clients by educating them about how I can enhance their business. Online meetings can initiate spark on how to invest in marketing activities.

Nowadays, you see floods of 'Free Webinars' and 90% discount on education courses for working-class. But, is it worth attending these? Yes, educate yourself by listening to established speakers as much as possible in this lockdown. My Corona theory of communication, as I mentioned earlier, that bad chapter in life brings possibilities and, there is a lot to learn from this virus.

Like Corona, which starts from the mouth and spreads like a fire, develop the campaigns which are based on mouth publicity. In the current situation, WhatsApp is the biggest mouth publicity tool. And you should be focusing on how your content & communication can be made viral (Do not hesitate to use memes mode for your client).

Social distancing can be seen as an interval of messages and follow-ups with your clients & customers. There has to be a pattern in follow-ups and sending personalised messages to your audience. This should not be too often nor too late. As this virus targets every new individual you should also be focusing on prospects every day. Good work and good relationships act as Referrals Platforms for you. Spread like Corona but for a better future!

To conclude, the future of your business is in your hands. We cannot stop the calamities but, we can evolve living with them. The future is never bright until you make it so!

Stay at home, stay safe and be prepared & stay motivated!.

Creative Gaga