Freelancing is not all roses!

Following dreams and passion is beautiful, but transforming them into a profession is hard, but not rocket-science! Kevin Roodhorst shares some tips for living your dreams smoothly while taking care of the monetary aspects that tag along with them.
Kevin Roodhorst
Kevin Roodhorst

Freelancing is not only about choosing clients wisely so as to have a fixed source of income for a particular period of time, but also taking up projects which allow for the freedom of ones’ thoughts to be expressed on canvas.

Negotiating with clients can be very stressful and tiresome at times! For an artist’s work to be valued fairly and for him to be secure on the monetary front, the payment methodology should be clarified well before the project commencement. One of the smart ways is by asking the client to pay fifty percent upfront, as sometimes there is an extreme delay in the payment post delivery. Not only this but also the number of correction rounds included in the payment should be fixed on and the fact that after a certain stage, corrections become chargeable should be made very clear to the client. This is the best way to be transparent with clients, which in turn is necessary for establishing a long-term relationship and keeping it healthy.

Freelancing comes with a lot of risks, the most important being the uncertainty of work and a steady income. It also involves dealing individually with clients and managing your own finances, implying that an artist loses a lot of their time.

These are the reasons why Kevin shifted to working full time for an advertising company. It gives him more time to work on his outputs, in addition to many different chances of exploring the vast sea of creativity floating in his mind!

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