Nitin Jain

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Nitin Jain
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Nitin Jain graduated from Sir JJ Institute of Applied Arts and worked as a visual communicator in industries like advertising, web, e-learning and ecommerce. Wildlife photography is his passion. Currently he heads the creative and design department at firstcry.com.

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This issue features Beard Design studio who exclusively work for start-ups. They stay loyal to their own aesthetics while delivering creative solutions for their clients. On the other hand, there is 22Feet Tribal Worldwide, a digital agency who believes digital is beyond the website and try to bridge the gap between offline and online design. We also have few promising individuals from the UI design arena who are fast making their marks. And to top them all, a discussion on the raging issues of digital in the country by few leading names of the industry. We are sure this issue is going to help you gather new insights and perspectives and also in your strive to align with the new media.

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