Volvo Refreshes their Previous ‘Iron Mark’ Emblem

Volvo Refreshes their Previous ‘Iron Mark’ Emblem

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Swedish automotive manufacturer, Volvo recently updated their new logo, from the iron, men and Mars-based logo to a minimalist looking 2D logo

Volvo, a renowned automotive manufacturer just announced another upgraded version of its 'Volvo' script and bar version, which was first revealed in 1930. The initial production of vehicles featuring the new design is said to be launched in 2023 sported by the successor of large SUV XC90.

A creation of Swedish design agency Stockholm Design Lab in collaboration with Tröllback & Company, " Volvo needed a redesign of the iron mark, optimized for communication and versatile for all types of applications," the agency writes on its website. "The logo has been simplified in its purest form and conveys the brand's vision; to be the world's most progressive and desirable premium car brand."

The new design was publicized this week on the brand's website and social media pages and retains the 'iron mark' signature with a diagonal arrow affixed to a hollow circle – but removes the contrasting bar across the centre, with the 'Volvo' text 'floating' in the circle. The shape of the arrow has also been tweaked along with a different typeface, a new flat finish.

"An updated version of the Volvo Iron Mark will be used exclusively on products and in small digital spaces when clear visibility of the Volvo spread word mark can't be ensured," a Volvo Australia spokesperson told Drive and added "The change will be gradual. We started by rolling out the updated identity on our main website, main social media platforms and in the new Volvo Cars mobile app. The updated iron mark will be rolled out in other areas step by step, and the first car with the updated iron mark will be launched in 2023. The old iron mark will be phased out over time."

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