Unofin's New Brand Identity: Loantap's Leap Towards Healthcare Financing

Unofin's New Brand Identity: Loantap's Leap Towards Healthcare Financing

LoanTap, a leading digital lending platform in India, has announced its entry into the healthcare finance sector with the launch of a new brand identity for its healthcare finance vertical, UnoFin.

UnoFin, which was launched in 2020 as LoanTap's digital lending platform for medical professionals, has now expanded its offerings to include a comprehensive range of healthcare finance solutions, including loans for medical procedures, equipment financing, and working capital financing for healthcare providers.

"With the launch of UnoFin, we aim to provide a seamless and hassle-free financing experience to medical professionals and healthcare providers," said Satyam Kumar, CEO and co-founder of LoanTap. "Our new brand identity reflects our commitment to delivering innovative financial solutions that meet the unique needs of the healthcare sector."

The new brand identity for UnoFin features a vibrant and dynamic design that highlights the company's focus on leveraging technology to provide customized and flexible financial solutions to its customers. The brand's new tagline, "Healthcare finance made simple," reflects UnoFin's mission to simplify the financing process for medical professionals and healthcare providers.

The new brand identity for UnoFin will be showcased across the company's digital and physical channels, including its website, social media, and marketing collateral. LoanTap plans to invest in marketing and brand-building initiatives to raise awareness of its healthcare finance offerings and drive customer acquisition.

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