Roger Collaborates with Nickelodeon for a Vibrant Rebranding Journey

Roger Collaborates with Nickelodeon for a Vibrant Rebranding Journey

Los Angeles-based branding and design agency, Roger, has joined forces with children's television channel Nickelodeon to embark on an exciting rebranding venture. With its first revamp in 14 years, Nickelodeon aims to create a cohesive brand identity across its on-air, digital, and social platforms. Roger's longstanding partnership with Nickelodeon and their expertise in design played a pivotal role in this project.

Working closely with Nickelodeon's in-house design team, Roger was responsible for the core brand identity, design strategies for various products and platforms, and even collaboration on branded hotels and resorts. Vincent Aricco, Nickelodeon's Senior Vice President and Global Executive Creative Director, praised the result as "a modernized visual identity that is the perfect marriage of innovative design and just the right amount of weirdness."

The central concept of celebrating the inner child resonates strongly with Nickelodeon, and Roger successfully translated this idea into a rounded graphic system infused with vibrant colours. Terence Lee, Founder and Executive Creative Director of Roger, expressed the importance of conveying the brand's essence through the new design language.

The iconic Nickelodeon Splat logo transformed using a circular grid system, allowing for additional splat shapes that complement the hero mark. Braden Wheeler, Creative Director at Roger, emphasized the need for consistency across every touchpoint while creating an accessible core visual identity.

To enhance the typography, Roger chose ROC Grotesk and Neue Plak, combining subtle irregularity with a condensed style. The motion design expertly blended traditional cell animation with modern 3D elements, paying tribute to Nickelodeon's classic animated style. Real kids were featured in live-action IDs, capturing the essence of their imagination and joyful messiness.

While maintaining the recognizable bright orange as the primary brand colour, Roger introduced a fresh palette with shades of purple, yellow, and pink. The design system was built with modularity in mind, offering Nickelodeon the flexibility to expand and adapt as new initiatives emerge.

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