Pizza, box or Dominos? The Domino’s Logo Reimagined

Pizza, box or Dominos? The Domino’s Logo Reimagined

A classic logo that has changed through time – evolving from the simple geometric shape to the bold duo-tone design, we see today – one designer has managed to make that simple domino design lean much more strongly into its pizza-making credentials.

At first glance, the Domino's logo shouldn't say much to the average person. There's a domino, some dots and maybe you get a couple of curves. But to millions of pizza lovers, that classic symbol means a warm, cheesy slice of heaven. The Domino’s logo isn’t just a bunch of tiles. It’s the pizza that the brand is all about. It's a simple design, but it communicates its message clearly and effectively.

Everyone loves to take a classic and reimagine it. Amateurs, students and seasoned designers alike have all tried their hand at redesigning logos of famous brands over the years. Although not the real deal, these logos have played with downright the essence of the brand and some truly brilliant logos have surfaced. Fan-made ideas are frequently where the true genius is to be found, and this fantastic Domino's design is no exception.

Simply by placing the two halves of the domino next to one-another, Fabian Arbor (‘a self-proclaimed 'ruiner of your favourite logos') has managed to transform a simple logo into something much more appealing. The Domino's logo is a little iconic, but Fabian Arbor's design doesn't leave it looking out of place at all. With the design resembling an open pizza box, it makes for a surprisingly subtle change that deserves some recognition. Twitter sure believes it too.

"They should totally rebrand to this. So perfect!" one Twitter user comments, while another adds, "I wish this was real, Fabian." And as one user notes, the ingenious design is inspired by more than simply a pizza box: "Resembles a pizza box. Looks like a pizza box. Looks like two thirds of a pizza. Looks like dominoes. Looks like the domino effect. Damn, really nailed this one."

You know the story:

Once upon a time, there was an ancient civilization that went from a mere dot, or in this case 3 dots to something more powerful than anything we have today. So, while this brilliant concept might make the real logo look dull, a logo is much more than aesthetics or literal interpretations, there's a little more going on with that design than meets the eye. The 3 dots of Domino’s have their own story.

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