PepsiCo's 'Glocal' Approach Scores Six with Cricket-Inspired Snacks

PepsiCo's 'Glocal' Approach Scores Six with Cricket-Inspired Snacks

Lay’s launches two exciting flavours packaged in an exciting cricket-inspired packaging designed by PepsiCo India’s design team.

The PepsiCo India design team created a unique packaging design by combining elements of cricket and a bold colour palette that appeals to the senses. The delicious ingredients are showcased through flavour cues, using a striking blue, vibrant orange, and a mango green with orange for the second flavour.

The design is bold and attention-grabbing, and the use of stimulating colours conveys the excitement of trying the new flavours. Lay's, the popular potato chip brand, has announced the launch of a new line of chips featuring unique and locally-inspired flavours for the Middle Eastern market. The desi-flavoured chips are packed in cricket-inspired packaging, as the sport has a large following in the middle east. The company aims to offer a product that truly resonates with the local tastes of the region and sets itself apart from traditional chip offerings.

The desi-flavours line is part of PepsiCo’s innovative "glocal" approach to its portfolio. They innovatively tailor their global brands to the preferences of local tastes. This innovation is not just limited to the products and their flavours, but also how they package them. They have been able to successfully achieve this by integrating their design team within the local market. This close proximity to consumers enables the design team to gain a deeper understanding of what makes a product feel authentic.

The company's commitment to this innovative strategy is a testament to its dedication to providing its customers with products that not only taste great but also connect with them on a personal level.

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