NODWIN Gaming Acquires Comic Con India in a Synergistic Move

The Indian entertainment landscape just witnessed a strategic power play! NODWIN Gaming, a leading esports and gaming company, has acquired Comic Con India, the country's renowned pop culture festival organizer.
NODWIN Gaming Acquires Comic Con India in a Synergistic Move

As a part of the deal, NODWIN Gaming is set to acquire all the shares of Comic Con India at a valuation of INR 55 Crore from the founders Jatin Varma and Karan Kalra. The acquisition will be done through a mix of cash and share swap. However, Jatin Varma and Karan Kalra will continue to operate the business as a part of NODWIN Gaming.

This acquisition marks a bold move for NODWIN Gaming. While they've established themselves as a dominant force in esports, venturing into the realm of pop culture festivals opens up new avenues for growth and audience engagement. The synergies are clear: both cater to a passionate youth demographic, crave immersive experiences, and hold immense innovation potential.

Comic Con is not limited to India only; it has a significant international following. This creates opportunities for NODWIN Gaming to explore new markets and expand their scope beyond South Asia. Just imagine esports tournaments being incorporated into Comic Con events, generating worldwide interest and promoting cross-cultural interaction!

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