Hope 21 Winners Announced

Hope 21 Winners Announced

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Hope 21 – A National Cartoon and Caricature Online Competition conducted by Unfold Dreams Private Limited has now reached its completion.
With actor and philanthropist Sonu Sood being the subject for the challenge, 'Online Zindagi' was the theme set for the event, serving as a platform that both "amateurs" and "professionals" could share-alike.
Open to both professional and non-professional artists, 'Originality and Creativity' were the criteria to choose winners across various categories from a multitude of participants across the diversity of India, vying for prizes worth rupees one lakh.
The countrywide contest of caricature and cartoon had commenced since the acceptance of entries began on the 29th of July 2021 with the last date of submission being 10 August 2021.

Non-Professional Caricature Category

Karan Agarwal (Maharashtra), Lalit Parmar (Jharkhand) and Arjama Bandyopadhyay (West Bengal) earned pole positions in that order in the Non-professional Caricature category.

Professional Caricature Category

In the professional Caricature section, it was Varad Mestry (Maharashtra), James Vaz and Raghupati Sringeri from Karnataka who emerged victoriously.

Non-Professional Cartoon Category

Likewise, it was Santha Kumarbabu (Andhra Pradesh), Tuniki Bhupathi (Telangana) and Lakshmana Rao Sadasivuni (Andhra Pradesh) who won in the Non-professional Cartoon category.

Professional Cartoon Category

In the professional Cartoon section, it saw Siva KM of Kerala, Vikram Nayak from Uttar Pradesh and Manoj Chopra of Jammu & Kashmir take the win.
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