Image Credit: Honda
Image Credit: Honda

Honda's Time-Traveling Logo Rebirth Unveiled!

Honda takes a bold step into the future by reviving its iconic 'H' logo with a modern twist. Unveiled at CES 2024, the updated logo introduces a flatter, simpler design reminiscent of the brand's original emblem from 1961.

As design trends go in cycles, logos often see a comeback of styles from past eras. Honda is the latest brand to use its historical identity for a contemporary rebranding.

At CES, Honda unveiled its new electric cars featuring a revamped 'H' logo, which departs from the metallic skeuomorphic trend of recent years. The new logo has a simpler, flatter form and draws inspiration from Honda's original emblem in 1961. The changes include removing the border around the 'H' mark and incorporating sharper lines, which Honda claims resemble "outstretched hands," symbolising the brand's commitment to innovation. This redesigned emblem will exclusively represent the upcoming generation of Honda EV models.

Honda History
Honda HistoryImage Credit: Honda

Honda has announced that it will be introducing a new emblem for its next-generation electric vehicles (EVs) in order to commemorate the brand's dedication to transformation and continuous pursuit of challenges.

The existing "H mark" has a lineage dating back to 1981, and the refreshed emblem will feature two outstretched hands, which metaphorically express Honda's commitment to expanding the horizons of mobility. This aligns with the company's ethos of surpassing their origins and embracing new advancements.

Image Credit: Honda
Image Credit: Honda

The new logo will be prominently displayed on Honda's future EVs, including the Honda 0 Series models, as a symbol of the brand's continuous pursuit of possibilities and dedication to meeting the evolving needs of Honda EV users. Although the new emblem won't be seen on the roads until the mass production of the Series Zero Saloon model begins in 2026.

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