Engineering Student Earns Copyright for Design of Biodegradable Face Shield!

Engineering Student Earns Copyright for Design of Biodegradable Face Shield!

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P Mohan Aditya found himself as a 3rd-year student at the SRM College in Andhra Pradesh, pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering when the pandemic hit last year. Thereon discovering a global shortage in the supply of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) while also realising the need for eco-friendly solutions considering the large amounts of waste generated from its extensive use, Aditya decided to troubleshoot both problems in one go. He took to designing the 'Face Shield 2.0' – a biodegradable version of the original face shield that is meant to protect one's mucous membrane (i.e. eyes, nose and mouth) from getting infected with the Covid-19 virus.

While durable elastic was used to make the 3-ply-corrugated-cardboard headband adjustable for all head shapes and sizes, the transparent visor was crafted from a thin layer of 175-micron reusable plastic. Essentially, Aditya applied the CAD software to put the transparent sheet of the face shield into design while the headband was crafted using a CNC machine. Thus using the CAD model as a means of input to the CNC machine, the transparent sheet and the cardboard were cut accordingly to put together a lightweight 16kg/ protective face gear.
Having submitted his application for the copyright to his improved design of the face shield under the IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) last year at the Indian Patent Office in Kolkata, his claim was accepted and successfully granted recently in 2021.

Aditya's innovation has not only won the praise of Adimulapu Suresh, the Minister of Education in Andhra Pradesh, but has also been distributed amongst medical and security personnel working on the frontline.

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