Elephant Design Redesign the Packaging for Domino's!

Domino's India faced a challenge to stand out in the crowded delivery market where pizza options abound. Their traditional packaging was familiar but not resonating with a new generation that seeks experiences over mere consumption.
Elephant Design Redesign the Packaging for Domino's!

To address this issue, Elephant Design came up with a revolutionary approach that transformed pizza boxes from mere cardboard containers to something beyond imagination.

From Product Shots to "Slice of Life" Stories:

For Elephant, the solution wasn't found in pepperoni close-ups or glossy crusts. Instead, they tapped into the true magic of pizza: the shared moments, the laughter, the connections forged over a slice. Inspired by conversations with Gen Z and beyond, they created a design strategy called "The Slice of Life."

Pizza Boxes Become Canvases:

Traditional food packaging boxes were transformed into vibrant canvases. They ditched product close-ups for engaging and relatable illustrations. These illustrations were more than just pictures; they were stories told through pizza. The scenes depicted everyday life, like friends brainstorming under a late-night light, families united for movie marathons, and even awkward first dates finding cheesy comfort in each other's company. These illustrations captured the essence of what Domino's pizza represented: shared experiences and joyful connections.

Beyond One Box, a Unified Story:

The "Slice of Life" approach wasn't limited to a single box. It permeated the entire product range, creating a cohesive narrative across Domino's offerings. Every pizza became a portal to a shared experience, inviting customers to imagine themselves in the illustrations, relishing the pizza and the company it brings.

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