DTDC's New Look: The Perfect Blend of Speed, Trust, and Dependability

DTDC's New Look: The Perfect Blend of Speed, Trust, and Dependability

The new DTDC logo aims for the bullseye with a minimal, sleek and classic makeover.

DTDC, the go-to courier service for people across India, has had a major makeover. The iconic logo of DTDC, with its tagline  "Delivering Value", had been in use since 2015. As the company expands its country-wide and international operations, the evolution of the brand is naturally part of its course. Founded in 1990, this transformation marks a new chapter for the brand and its commitment to excellence.

The company has revamped its look, and the new logo is sleek, minimal and screams speed. A lot of the fine details and visual effects have been ironed out from the original logo and sculpted into the new one.

The colour palette has remained the same, but the blue used in the new logo is deeper and more vibrant. The use of blue in the logo represents trust, security, and dependability, which are core values of the brand. The italics in the typography still imply speed, but they've dropped the motion lines - it's a more minimalistic look that still catches the eye. This change adds a modern twist to the typography and makes it more readable and recognizable. Plus, the postman mascot has been shelved. Instead, a bold red square slices through the type, adding a dynamic effect to the logo.

Overall, the new logo of DTDC represents the brand's new direction and commitment to delivering excellent customer service. The changes made to the logo are a reflection of the company's values and aspirations, and also pleases the new-age design sensibilities of people around the world.

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