Dacia Revamp its Logo!

A carmaker that Renault bought from the Romanian government just over 20 years ago. Recently, car brands have been going for minor tweaks for their logos, Renault’s Dacia is going for a more radical revamp with its new logo, colour and vehicle designs.

The new Dacia logo is entirely different from the previous logo, with sharp visuals and a more modern, geometric look that could almost convince us that it’s a higher-end brand.

Dacia has ditched the closing strokes on the ‘D’ and ‘A’ leaving minimal forms, which also mirror images, creating a simple, geometrical look with a mechanical feel. The accompanying emblem is derived from the logotype, bringing together the ‘D’ and ‘C’ to form a symmetrical link, which Renault says symbolises a cohesive bond. The earthy colour palette is built around khaki-green to elicit the brand’s closeness to nature.

For the logo, Renault said last year that the goal was to change the brand’s visual language by tapping into its fundamental characteristics: robust, simple design and a willingness to focus on the essentials. The minimalist letters intend to communicate a pared-back and cunning character.

Creative Gaga