Coca Cola all set to Introduce Redesigned Packaging!

Coca Cola all set to Introduce Redesigned Packaging!

After the launch of Coca Coca Coffee in January 2021, which comes in three varieties: dark blend, vanilla and caramel, Coca Cola will unveil a new flavour of the drink along with a redesign for some of its products.

Coca-Cola Flavors cans and bottles will be flaunting a new design that features vibrant colours and a bold logo positioned at the top of the packaging. The logo is enlarged and shaded in either white or black lettering to make it easier for consumers to tell the difference between regular and sugar-free.

“We wanted to modernize and simplify the look of our packaging to help consumers find the flavor they’re looking for on the shelf through a colourful but clean packaging design,” said Natalia Suarez, senior brand manager of Coke Choice Portfolio, Coca‑Cola’s North America Operating Unit.

Cherry Coke will be offered in magenta cans and bottles while the vanilla flavoured option will come in cream-coloured cans and bottles. Solid coloured cans designate single flavours (like cherry), while stacked colours communicate dual flavours (like cherry-vanilla). The black logo reinforces the zero sugar and zero-calorie varieties, on the other hand, the white top signals the regular instalments.

The Atlanta-based soft drink giant will also roll in its new Coca-Cola with Coffee Mocha next month, which infuses the beloved Coca-Cola taste with a rich, luxurious mocha coffee flavour.

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