Burger King has a New Reusable Packaging!

Fast-food chain Burger King takes an initiative to be more environment friendly. They introduced a new reusable packaging.
Burger King has a New Reusable Packaging!

Taking one step further from recyclable packaging, Burger King introduced a reusable one. They have created a reusable cup and burger container in collaboration with the app Loop. It will cost customers a £1 deposit to use the packaging, but with the app and the designated return points, users can get their money back.

The cup and container feature a minimalist design with the Burger King logo and a brown shade of the packaging.

According to Burger King, the cup will fit any medium soft drink, and the burger container can fit anything from the Plant-based Whopper to up to nine chicken nuggets. The reusable packaging is going to help reduce single-use packaging consumption.

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