BAYJU'S and AESL reveals new Combined Logo!

BAYJU'S and AESL reveals new Combined Logo!
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BYJU'S acquired Aakash Educational Services (AESL) in April 2021. A new combined logo has now been released to signify the merger of the two entities.

Aakash Educational Services (AESL), is amongst the popular academic test preparatory coaching centres in India. It has now been merged with the rather well known Bengaluru-based education technology company, BYJU'S, recognised primarily by its app that goes by the same name. This collaboration has been signified by a modification in the brand name of the two. Simply by adding a plus sign to a combined logo formed by bringing together their existing logos.

The managing director of Aakash Educational Services Aakash, Aakash Chaudhary, made the statement, "The seamless merger of Aakash with Byjus's could not have come at a better time for the education sector. The hybrid model of learning has become the need of the hour both for the quality and the continuity of education. Our new logo has everything to do with 'plus'. It represents a sign of value addition to our respective brands as well as to our customers. It also highlights our shared vision to create a new value proposition for the student community and boost the learning ecosystem."

Since BYJU'S acquired AESL in April 2021, AESL has been creating personalised learning programs. These programs combine offline and online learning. They hence serve as tools for students to access and apply across both mediums.

Buji Raveendran, founder and chief executive officer, Byju said, "Our collective expertise in pedagogy, content, and technology has enabled us to build omnichannel learning. This offering will transform the test-prep experience for students."

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