Baskin Robbins Logo Given A New Look!

Baskin Robbins Logo Given A New Look!

American ice cream chain Baskin Robbins, which has had a fresh logo in the works for a while, finally replaces the old ‘pink and blue' for a little more succinct one.

The previous Baskin Robbins logo had a playful and ‘childish’ typeface with a hidden ‘31’ claiming that they had 31 ice cream flavours – one for each day of the month. The rebrand covers all elements of Baskin-Robbins’ visual identity from the employee uniforms to the packaging.

Also adding three new limited-time flavours: One is Non-Dairy Mint Chocochunk, another is Totally Unwrapped, made with peanut butter and chocolate ice creams, caramel swirls, fudge-covered pretzels, and fudge and caramel covered peanuts.

While addressing customer feedback the Baskin Robbins leadership team heard some customers felt very attached to the brand, which they associated with childhood trips with parents or grandparents. But they also heard that there were “some opportunities in being more relevant,” said Jason Maceda, Baskin-Robbins president to CNN.

While it’s important for brands like Baskin-Robbins to gain traction with people who remember them from their youth, they also need to keep in mind the new customers coming in.

The redesign is all set to redefine the company’s tagline, ‘seize the yay’, which aims to “turn fans of yesterday into brand loyalists of today and capture Gen Z’s heart with everyday moments of ‘happy’,” according to the agency behind the makeover.

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