Aston Martin Introduces New Logo and Brand Positioning

Aston Martin Introduces New Logo and Brand Positioning

They have developed a new global marketing campaign to further accelerate growth with newer customers.

British luxury car maker Aston Martin, known for its speed and sleekness, has decided to bring in famed graphic designer Peter Saville CBE to update their winged logo.

The new logo design respects the brand heritage while giving it a fresh and modernised look. In the 109 years that Aston Martin has been in business, the logo has only been changed eight times, including this time. The previous update was in 2003, almost 20 years ago.

The previous logo looked positively busy by today’s standards with its green gradient background and fussy semi-circular lines which reflected the original Egyptian inspiration for the design.

Saville, a graphic designer most famous for his album covers for the Manchester record label Factory Records, has sensibly ditched both of those elements. The modifications may not be major transformations and have been described as “subtle but necessary” by Saville.

In the new logo, gradient’s been replaced with a solid British racing green, and the remaining lines have been thickened. The company has also unveiled a new motto to go along with their new logo, “Intensity Driven”. The company also created a short film to bring life to the new motto, and it showcases all five current Aston Martin sports cars.

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