Muhammed Sajid

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Muhammed Sajid is a creative designer based in Bangalore. Hailing from Calicut, a village located in Kerala, Sajid is inspired by his hometown and loves replicating its greenery into his illustrations. Natural elements, cultural inspirations, architectural touches and surreal approaches can be found in Sajid’s illustrations. The process of his illustrations starts out with scribbles before he sketches them out and goes on to colour them. As an artist, Sajid likes exploring different styles and loves working with poster colours on paper.

Featured In

Like earlier issues, the issue 55 focuses on a design topic, ‘The Power of Print’. But this time is different as you will not only find articles, case studies, and opinions from the industry experts on the topic, but you will also experience the power of current print technologies. So, what if we tell you that the cover of issue 55 magazine is a unique print, there are no two same covers of this issue. It is the first time any publication has tried something like this on such a scale. For this historical cover, we collaborated with the HP Indigo team and invited cover entries through a competition. From an overwhelming response, we chose 03 winners – Pavan Rajurkar, Muhammed Sajid and Rohan Dahotre, and then the HP Indigo team did their magic to print 24k unique covers out of just three artworks. You will find many inside insightful interviews of Priya Mistry, Broti Bhattacharya, Dhwani Trivedi, Mangesh Khollam along with mesmerising illustration studios the ‘Big Fat Studio’ and ‘Studio Muti’.

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Creative Gaga - Issue 55


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